Billing issues

Your card will be billed under the name SNN ENTERTAINMENT , 

if you have a billing issue please contact us on the contact page and we will get back to yourself within 24 hours Mon - Frid

If contact us on Weekend , we aim to respond by monday evening( uk time)

Advertising on our site

To advertise on our site please use contact us form , with your company name

and address and contact Number and one of our team will contact yourself.

What age do i need to be to register?

UK law stipulates you must be over 18yrs old and by signing up you confirm to this , if watching from another country 

please make sure your law allows and your country age limits.

We cannot be responsible if you say you are of age and use false details.

Do I need to pay to register?

We offer a free members area with limited content , to view our daily updates you need a paid subscription with several options  , yearly charged at a monthly rate ,one off yearly payment or a one month teaser subscription.

Do i need to renew my membership at the end of each month?

Your membership will automatically bill if took out the yearly subscription on a pay monthly , if took out the one month teaser we only bill for the month. Our best value deal is yearly subscription or the yearly subscription paid monthly. You may need to update your card details if expires if...

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How often do you update the program?

The program is updated Monday to Friday with new footage.

How do you get a presenter job on Scottish nude news?

Please submit your details on our model application , you must be over 18 years old.

No previouse experience is necessary , but must be comfortable being nude.

How do I watch the program?

To watch, you simply visit the page for each video. We display HTML5 compatible videos. There is no need for Adobe Flash Player.

I am having trouble downloading or watching Video clips, what should I do?

Please send us the details of the issue you are having on our contact page. Please note the url of the video you are having trouble with.

Can I write to presenters?

You can contact the presenters by using our contact page, but individual presenters may not answer back.

We accept no e mails for soliciting.

My password doesn't work, what can i do?

To log in as a member you will need your password and username exactly as inputed. If you forgot, please visit the Login page and press the forgot password link, you will need your e mail address you registered with. If still having problems please use contact us form and  , state...

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I have an idea for the program.

We are open to ideas and locations to film, just email us.

if also want to feature we please let us know , and if ok with being nude.

Do you have a question you don't see an answer to?

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